Buried Lyric Video!

As announced last week, Buried will drop on all streaming platforms on Friday.
Well, we have something else for you as well along those lines.
Wednesday at 3pm PT, the lyric video for Buried will premiere on our YouTube Channel.
So for those of you who want to check it out before it starts streaming, YouTube is the place.
You can click here to go to our channel.

To see what to expect from Buried, we asked our singer to touch on how the lyrics came about.
“Buried is pretty personal for me, as I struggle with it everyday. Over the years, I have worked 
really hard in life to better myself, but have faced events that started to cause negative attributes 
to surface on a far more regular basis than I care to admit. I feel many people face a similar issue. 
While some are oblivious, others as I have, start to become cognizant and try to fight it. Though 
feel like we may be losing that fight. Then are left watching the version of ourselves we worked 
so hard to be get swallowed up by the manifestation of our pain and are never sure what side of 
our feelings we will wake up to.”

More news to come!

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