Update and Dropper (Love Letter ’24) Single and Video!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It has been a minute!!!

Well, here is the 411! (do people still say that?)
We have been hard at work at Funky Jelly Studio working on 5 new tracks with the one and only, Papa Jelly!! Still a bit to go, but everything is coming together really well. We even have a surprise on one of the tracks. These tracks are all a little different. Bringing some new elements to the band.

In the meantime, we decided that we wanted to do something cool and take one of the tracks from the last record and have Dustin add a little something to it. He just added such cool parts that it was hard not to throw him in the mix since he wasn’t around to shred a little when we worked that album. And then to add a little more to it, Papa Jelly went in and remixed the track. Throwing some new magic on it!! Glenn made a cool video to go with it. He did a great job using some live shoots and footage to make something that reflected the song in a cool way.

The video will premiere Here this Friday at 4pm PST!!

Hopefully, this will tide you over while we finish off these new songs…..looks like we may have a show coming up as well, so keep an eye out for that!!!

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