Surprise!! Last Single Before Release!

We are proud to present, Say Yes To Rome!! Available now!! On all streaming platforms!!

This will be the last single to drop pre-release of Heaven is a Chemical. Which if you haven’t heard by now, drops on February 18!
You can preorder it here!

To tell you a little bit about the song, We chased down Calvin once again to get some words.

“Say Yes to Rome stands out a little on the record. Kevin showed me the original riffs in our group chat and I called him and told him that we HAVE to do this song. Sometimes you just have to write a song. And when Kevin brings me one that I have to write. He never hears the end of it until it’s written and recorded. Haha. This was one I had to get out. You only get one life. Time is a precious gift that no amount of money can buy more of. In that time, sometimes you will face various paths on the road. Some safe and some with uncertain outcomes or risks. The choice here is whether or not the unknown or risk is worth what’s at the end of that road. Because often, it might not be. But sometimes you need to take that road or life will pass you by and you might miss out on something. Maybe you miss an adventure. A trip. A future experience. This goes double for those who are young. Take the cruise! Take the flight! If someone offers to take you to Rome…..Say yes….before time gets on the other side of you. I’m not saying leave your family or quit your job. Just that you are worth the risk sometimes.”

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