Next Single? Dropper (Love Letter)!!

December 10th, We will be releasing a third helping from our
upcoming offering, Heaven is a Chemical! A little number
titled Dropper (Love Letter).
It will be on all streaming platforms!

Once again to offer insight on the track, our Vocalist states:

“Dropper was probably one of the first to be written for the 
record. It is exactly what it says it is. It’s a love letter to my 
Wife. Love is a complicated emotion that comes with many ups 
and downs. There will be smiles and joy, but also tears and worry. 
This track is a tale and expression of all those things. That with 
all the good can come the less than wonderful. Despite those times, 
even when the Universe seems to want to pull us apart, there is 
perseverance and the need to see it through. That there will be 
no regrets, no matter the outcome. The actual title comes from 
the feeling that many describe differently. Some call it butterflies. 
Some call it a pit in the stomach. Some say the heart drops, stops, 
or skips a beat. A similar physical response amplified differently 
through various emotions.”

You will find the lyrics for Dropper in the Discography section upon release.

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